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West Coast Brew Shop offers a fully serviced brewing facility with bottling and canning areas. There is a large range of beers to choose from with styles from around the world. Choose from a typical English Ale to a Fully Bodied Stout or perhaps you taste is more into the lighter appearence such as the Czech style Pilsners or North American Lagers

Our Beer Process

“All-Grain” means your beer is brewed from scratch by our Brewmaster, using classic and modern brewing techniques. “Extract” means your beer is made from a pre-produced syrup. Both produce great-tasting beer.

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Which is the right choice for you?

Consider an “All-Grain” beer if you:

Are a beer enthusiast. All-Grain brews cost more, but they are hand-crafted from our own recipes, carefully balancing flavour, aroma, colour and body. It’s the best choice for the Amber, Brown or Black Ales on our Menu below, since these brews have a depth and complexity that comes from the careful blending of different types of malt.

Consider an “Extract” beer if you:

Like its taste. Our malt extract syrup is delicious and of very high-quality and some people prefer it to All-Grain brews. It is particularly well-suited to the “Straw-coloured” brews on our Menu, like Pilsner and Light Beer, as it produces a very clean and consistent flavour. Why not try both, and decide for yourself?

West Coast Brew Shop – Our Beers

Our Beers start at around $125.00 (plus GST and PST) for a light-bodied, low-alcohol, mildly-bitter beer, while brews that have a higher alcohol content, or are more bitter, are priced to reflect the increased amount of raw ingredients they contain. Exact prices are not published here, as they are subject to change.

Types of Beers and Colour Range

We have classified our beers by colour this will give you an indication what to look for when choosing a beer. Select from the range below to see available beers. The colour of the beers range from straw to black ales see the colour chart for an approximate estimate and guide.

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